Tiger Woods Says Back Problem Fixed, Ready to Get Back In The Game  

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Golfing legend Tiger Woods states that his back problems which have been hindering his ability on the course have been fixed and makes appearance at the Valhalla Golf Club for tournament.

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Tiger woods caused quite the stir on Wednesday by simply making an appearance at the Valhalla Golf Club for the PGA tournament. The crowd cheered when they simple saw him walk onto the practice range and seemed pleased to see him getting into his shoes with ease at his car.

His performance on the course wasn’t much to cheer for however, he drilled his driver down the first fairway and he badly pulled his tee shot on the third hole. Basically he was playing the same way he did last week when he had to withdraw from the Bridgestone Invitational. Fans overall were apparently just happy to see him playing after not being sure that he would following the back injuries that had him out of the game last week.

Tiger has been suffering many injuries since the start of this year. A back surgery had him out of golf for 3 months. Then the latest injury occurred when Woods fell hard in the sand from sheer momentum after trying to play a shot from just above a deep bunker on the second hole at Firestone. He soldiered on and kept playing but kept hitting some terrible shots before eventually deciding to withdraw after a tee shot on the the ninth hold.

Regarding the injury that caused him to withdraw from Bridgestone, limping off the course, Woods has stated that he had a pinched nerve in his back. When he appeared at Valhalla he announced that his trainer adjusted the area above the sacrum (a triangle-shaped bone at the end of the spine) and said that “once he put it back in, the spasms went away… from there, I started getting some range of motion.”.

This is Woods’ third tournament since returning to the sport after surgery at the end of March and his performances thus far have been below the standards he has set for himself as a player to say the least. Barring a victory at the PGA tournament, this will likely be his last tournament for the next six weeks at least because he is ineligible for the FedEx Cup and his prospects for being chosen by captain Tom Watson for the Ryder cup also look bleaky. That latter based on not only his anaemic game but by Watson’s dodging of the press at Valhalla when asked about him.

Woods has gone 6 years without winning any major titles in competitive golf, more than a year without winning anything at all actually. Is he finally at the end of the road? Should he just retire or is he only in need of a short respite from the sport to allow his body to heal and to get back in top form? He appears confident in his ability to win even now but only time will tell.

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  4. That latter based on not only his anaemic game but by Watson’s dodging of the press at Valhalla when asked about him

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