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Digital Baby Thermometer by Just Brill, A Must Have For New Parents

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Just-Brill is proud to announce that their DigiThermo digital thermometer is recommended as one of the must-have items needed by new parents.


There are some essential items that every new parent should have when bringing home their baby from the hospital for the first time. One very essential item is a baby thermometer. There are many different types of thermometers on the market, from ones that can read by placing on forehead, there are rectal thermometer, ones that go in the babies mouth and ones that go in their ear. The most common and easy to use is the one that goes in the baby’s ear.  JustBrill, a company found on Amazon.com, carries a high quality digital baby thermometer that is ideal for new parents.

The DigiThermo operates on the principle of infrared readings inside the ear. The energy emitted by the eardrum is an accurate and fast way to capture information. Taking the baby’s temperature requires only correct positioning inside the ear canal and is so gentle that it can be done while the child is sleeping.

A normal reading for a healthy infant is between 97 F to 100 F. The device can be set to present either Fahrenheit or Celsius readings. The digital thermometer can determine if there is a fever after only one second. It is safe to use, even for the youngest child. There are no caps for the probe, so no risk of choking or swallowing for a youngster. The tip is simply wiped off and returned to its carrying case for storage.

There is an automatic shut-off to preserve battery life.  An estimated 4000 readings are available for battery life. The thermometer comes with a lifetime guarantee.

“We love the fact that this thermometer is digital and there are no caps for the probe. It’s simple to use and my baby doesn’t even realize that I am doing anything when I put the thermometer in her ear, so there is no fighting with me, which makes it soo much easier.” says Luci, a satisfied customer.

“We’ve been getting great feedback from parents, especially first time parents that are new to this kind of thing. We wanted to make sure it was simple to use and the least intrusive for the the baby” said Justin, a company representative.

To learn more about the digital baby thermometer on Amazon.com visit the link below.  http://www.amazon.com/Digital-Thermometer-Baby-Just-Brill-Temperature/dp/B00GKF71Y2

Company Details 

Just-Brill LTD 5a

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Watch the video to learn more  - http://youtu.be/6a8jQaOjwUY