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New Study Suggests Excessive Smart Phone Usage Could Result In Back Problems

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Summary: A New scientific study suggests that due to the weight of the human head, tilting our faces down to use smartphones may lead to the type of back problems that require surgery.

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A new study published in Surgery Technology International states that chronic screen-staring could be adding up to 60 pounds of force to your spine, depending on if smart phone users are eye-shifters or hunchers when it comes to reading texts and scrolling through social media feeds.


According to the study, when one tilts the weighty human head forward, it pulls on their spine in a way that the spine is not intended to move in so frequently. Back surgeon Kenneth Hansraj wrote: “As the head tilts forward the forces seen by the neck surges to 27 pounds at 15 degrees, 40 pounds at 30 degrees, 49 pounds at 45 degrees and 60 pounds at 60 degrees.”
The study concluded that while smart phone users would not destroy their backs in a single heavy day of phone-gazing, the accumulative added stress to the muscles “could deteriorate the back and neck muscles to the point of needing surgery.”

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