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More Drama in NFL – Vikings Running Back Adrian Peterson facing multiple child abuse allegations

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After being released from a Texas jail on Saturday for child abuse charges, Minnesota vikings running back Adrian Peterson has had a second set of child abuse allegations raised against him.



Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings is having child abuse charges pressed against him. The story broken by TMZ sports on Saturday states that the Minnesota Vikings superstar running back was indicted for child abuse on Friday. Peterson was booked and released from the Montgomery County jail on the charge early on Saturday September 13. After being processed, he was released on $15,000 bond.

According to the police report obtained by TMZ, Peterson allegedly sent text messages to the child’s mother saying he “felt bad” because he struck his son in the testicles. An article posted on the IJ Review showing the the pictures from the police report has received over one million views and almost 40,000 shares on facebook in just 3 days (View it here ).The images show cuts on the boy’s thigh and hands and highlights bruises on his lower back and buttocks as a result of being beaten by Peterson with a tree branch. The police report also said the boy told authorities that he had his pants down when he was being struck and that leaves were put in his mouth.

The Montgomery District Attorney’s office has made a statement saying that Peterson’s act of whipping the child with a tree branch exceeds “reasonable discipline” and that is the reason why he is being indicted on felony child abuse.

Peterson’s arraignment on the charges was was originally scheduled for Wednesday of this week but has been delayed to October 8 because Adrian Hardin, his attorney, is out of the country.

After news broke Saturday of the child abuse allegations, the Vikings benched Peterson for Sunday’s game with New England resulting in a 30-7 home loss. Peterson returned to the team Monday and released a statement, insisting he is not a child abuser and wanting “everyone to understand how sorry I feel about the hurt I have brought to my child.” That was mere hours before the second set of allegations hit the press.

On Monday, Houston TV station KHOU reported that the mother of another of Peterson’s 4-year-old sons filed a report with Child Protective Services over an incident that allegedly happened “last June.” The report notes that the result of any alleged investigation by Child Protective Services is “unclear,” and no charges were filed in the incident. Their report featured text messages and multiple images in relation to the incident which show this boy sporting a scar above his right eye. TMZ reported that the scar was as a result of the boy hitting his head on a car seat during a beating from Peterson and not as a result of a direct blow from him. The texts included in the report show Peterson said he was disciplining the boy for cursing at one of his siblings. Peterson and his lawyer have since refuted these allegations saying that they are a year old and that authorities took no action.

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