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Miley Cyrus will “Love Yer Brain” forever thanks to new tattoo

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Popstar Miley Cyrus gets new tattoo in ode to a song by the flaming lips. Miley displayed the tattoo on social media application instagram where it was re-posted by the band’s front man in a show of appreciation.



Wild child Miley Cyrus got a new tattoo! In between stops on her hugely successful Bangerz tour the popstar stopped in New York to get some new ink from tattoo artist Bang Bang. The meeting was captured in a picture of the two that she posted on her instagram which has over 300,000 likes to date. He also posted a pic of Miley holding a tattoo gun with the caption “I turned @mileycyrus into a tattoo artist today!”
Miley later posted a pic to her instagram of a new tattoo on her RIGHT forearm (error made in overview video) of the words “Love yer brain”. This is the title of a song by the band the Flaming lips for which Miley has already appeared in a controversial music video for the band’s single Blonde SuperFreak Steals the Magic Brain; A song about the drug LSD which in the video Miley takes and begins “tripping out”. The video was shot while Miley was being hospitalized.

She is apparently good friends with the band’s frontman Wayne Coyne who even re-posted one of Miley’s pictures of her new tattoo to his instagram with the caption “Yep!!!! Sister Cyrus got Love Yer Brain tat today!!!!! Cool f**kin badass freak ass ghetto hippy!!! I love her sooooo much!!!!”
Miley has a budding collection of small tattoos which include an anchor and entire written verses and more recently a really heartfelt dedication to her dog Floyd, who passed away back in April. She posted a picture showing off the Floyd tattoo on her instagram earlier this week too. See it below.

6 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus will “Love Yer Brain” forever thanks to new tattoo”

  1. Miley Cyrus is a brilliant artist, very talented singer. And, also she knows how to manipulate publicity and get attention when needed. Of course, she learned from the best since her own dad was a famous singer and worked the industry for many years. There is no faulting this woman for her business savvy and knowing how to engage the target age of fans who will come to see her show. She knows what teens like to see.

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