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Kardashians threaten to cancel Keeping up with the Kardashians over thefts

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Reality TV queens Kourtney, Kim and Khloé Kardashian are refusing to film season 10 of their hit show Keeping Up with the Kardashians following the theft of items and money from their homes which they believe to be the act of a member of the crew for the show.

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Uh Oh. If you’re one of the over 1 million viewers who enjoy watching the antics of the Kardashian family then your favorite show may be grinding to a halt. Sisters Kourtney, Kim and Khloé are threatening to cancel season 10 of their hit show Keeping Up With the Kardashians. The reason for this madness? Someone has been stealing money and other items for the homes of the sisters and they suspect the repeated thefts are an inside job.

The Kardashians claim they have suffered multiple thefts with $4,000 being stolen from Kourtney’s Hampton’s rental, $50,000 being taken from Kourtney’s Calabasas home and a whopping $250,000 worth of jewelry going missing from Khloe’s Taranza house where she used to live with her estranged husband Lamar Odom. In all cases there has been no sign of forced entry. This has lead them to believe that someone who already has access to the areas, likely a member of the crew of their reality show, is responsible.

The sisters have had the last straw after increasing their security, rotating their staff’s schedules and installing security cameras around their homes in an attempt to catch the thief who has been stealing from them since February.

TMZ reports that the Kardashian sisters are now urging the E! Network, the show’s producers, to compel every crew member to take a lie detector test or else they won’t be appearing in the next season of the show which is currently set to start filming in October.

While their reality show has been falling in viewership since its peak in 2009 at 4 million viewers when Kim wed Kris Humphries, at just over 2 million average viewers for season 9, it’s is still E! Network’s most popular show.

3 thoughts on “Kardashians threaten to cancel Keeping up with the Kardashians over thefts”

  1. Not that it matters, but they are so rich, they could afford to lose a little. Seriously, they are just hyping the upcoming season so fans will want to know what happened. I’m sure this event will even end up on the actual show or maybe they filmed it where the Kardashian girls are making a big stink over it. Just think everything about reality TV celebs is fake. I never trust it when they make a big deal over something. Seems like another ploy to get publicity.

  2. I’m sure the person who stole the items was counting on being able to sell them on eBay. An item from the Kardashian family would go for a lot of money. Though I would think the Kardashian family is ensured against theft or loss so not really sure why it was necessary to make such a big public deal over this.

  3. This is one of my favorite E Entertainment reality TV shows and still keeps me coming back to watch. And, apparently lots of people love the show as it’s considered the top rated show for that network. These people get a lot of grief over their money but they are providing a quality show to watch and deserve just as much protection from thieves as anyone else.

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