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Home and Garden America’s Survival seeds

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The Survival Seeds by Home and Garden America introduced on Amazon has been receiving high praises by customers. We review this product, covering the many selling points and ultimately evaluating their value as they are introduced to the market.



Home and Garden America’s Survival Seeds are organic heirloom seeds which means they are 100% natural. They are non-genetically modified (non-GMO) and also yield high quality results. Genetically modified (GMO) seeds have genetic material inserted artificially into their DNA. These non-GMO seeds are taken from the high quality bearing plants that produce crops of high nutritious value. Modifying seeds increases the risk of depleting natural nutritious values. These non-GMO seeds are therefore ideal for healthy lifestyle.

The package comes with a variety of 50 different types of seeds. These are seeds for both fruits and vegetables. The beauty of this is that the rate of germination for these seeds is 85% or more. This would mean that the likelihood of getting positive results from each seed planted is great.

As the name suggests, the Survival Seeds can be preserved for decades. They can be stored in the usual re-sealable glass jar as bulk vault banks or in the same moisture proof re-sealable packaging that they came in for use decades later. Interestingly, the seeds can be stored by freezing them as well. Because these seeds are processed at 8% humidity, they will not crack when frozen. Each of these packets also have a lot of seeds that will last a lifetime. One package of Survival Seeds comes with about 9500+ seeds. This is a lifetime supply, guaranteed.
For those persons who want to get the best nutritional value out of their plants, it is ideal to choose organic non-GMO seeds. The seeds can also be stored in preparation for a disaster of any sort, like Armageddon. Home and Garden America’s Survival Seeds is indeed perfect for survival gardeners or persons who prefer healthy organic foods.

With this product you are guaranteed more food for your money. To customers’ satisfaction, the manufacturers also provide a bonus 32 page guide that gives tips on how to plant, store and nurture your seeds to maximise on customer investment. This guide is available for instant download when the item is purchased on Amazon.



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