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Frux Home and Yard’s Flameless Tea Light Candles

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New flameless candles from Frux Home and Yard could be among lights considered for Halloween decorations. We review this product, covering the many selling points and ultimately evaluating their value as they are introduced to the market.



With Halloween less than two months away, a new set of flameless candles are said to possibly become part of the lighting options for some persons. The lights, sold by family company, Frux Home and Yard, are available to online shoppers who use Amazon.

Among the many features of the product that have caused persons to be mentioning them along the lines of Halloween lights, are that they look and behave like real tea light candles. This means that they have the same soft, yellow glow and flicker in much the same manner. They are also said to be able to function similarly, as they can fit any candleholder or votive. In fact, it is believed that they offer even more functions and decorative possibilities than regular wax candles and tea lights, due to the fact that they don’t carry an open flame and can therefore be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. These flameless candles are fitted with small LED bulbs instead and use CR2032 Lithium ion batteries as their power source.

For Halloween night, candles are sometimes used as part of or for the entire lighting process. This is because they help to produce a certain type of ambiance to suit the mood and theme of many Halloween parties. However, their use has been minimized in recent times with the advent of artificial lights which are not only safer but can produce many more decorative possibilities. Traditional wax candles and tea lights have been long reputed as fire hazards and have to be constantly supervised, especially if there are kids or pets around. Flameless candles, such as those from Frux Home and Yard., do not produce a flame so do not present fire risks. Also, they do not drip or produce smoke, so they won’t leave a mess and won’t affect the air quality, yet they are said to look just like traditional candles when turned on.

In addition to the set of flameless candles which contain a total of twenty-four lights, customers are privy to twelve free luminary candle bags that could also help to enhance the Halloween look and feel. Persons who bought the lights have been commenting as to their intentions to use them at Halloween:

“I liked them so much I bought a second box. They will work perfectly for my Halloween display,” said Bigrez in an Amazon review.

“I can’t wait till Halloween to place them inside the white bags we cut into festive designs! I highly recommend these tea lights!” added Manda LaSerre in another verified review.

Several other reviewers expressed similar sentiments and the flameless candles have been said to be suitable to be used with pumpkins, jars, colored shades and various other props used at Halloween time.


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